tennis lessons

Our vision is simple, to inspire, empower
and support each individual through the sport of tennis.
Whatever your goals are, we have a tennis lesson for you at our Vermont South Tennis Club or Fountain Gate Tennis Club Venue.

The spirit of tennis develops discipline, self belief, confidence, awareness, structure,
contributing to something greater then ourselves and that’s what our clients really enjoy.
They come to learn tennis lessons but they gain so much more.



  • “I had a lot of fun learning about the basics of tennis! The beginner level class was perfect for me.”

    Andre, 8
  • I have 3 boys currently having lessons at the Fountain Gate Tennis Club with We Are Tennis. They are a professionally run coaching business with a great team of coaches. Highly recommended.

    Jeremy Donohoe
  • "My children joined the beginners tennis lessons and are absolutely loving it. They have so far had a chance to meet new people, watch some great tennis and generally enjoy the club atmosphere.  I think its safe to say that they are We Are Tennis members and proud of it".

    Chrissy, Parent
  • "Thank you for coaching my son, he has really enjoyed the classes and how he has progressed throughout his time with you".

    Michelle, Parent

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